Rooftop Solar Array

Welcome to AMPAC

Ampac, Ltd., is uniquely positioned as the premier solar photovoltaic distribution and installation company for residential and commercial photovoltaic systems throughout Micronesia.

Offering the highest quality, state-of-the-art products, available on the world market today. We are committed to give our clients the best value and customer service possible, along with continuing to make positive contributions to the community and environment.

Custom Design

MicroInverterAmpac will engineer and design a system specifically to meet your needs or budget. Ampac can build any size system from a few hundred watts, to several megawatts. If you start with a smaller system and later on you find that you need to expand because your company is growing, or you have new family members, you can easily do this with Ampac's AC panels, without the cost penalties you'll find with other string type systems on the market today. Request for a quotation for your own system to get started right away!

All equipment and materials used in our installations are made of high quality aluminum and stainless steel, specially selected for use in the tropics and robustly anchored for typhoon protection.  

For more information about weather in our region, visit the National Weather Service.

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Full House Array

Why Solar?

Who hasn't looked at their power bill lately and wondered if it will ever truly be affordable again. The market for clean renewable energy is growing rapidly, on the islands and around the world, for many reasons. Listed here are just a few of them:

Is solar right, even for a commercial business?

Commercial Array in GarapanThe high cost of utilities in the Micronesian area has been reported as the highest anywhere in the US and its territories. The high cost of utilities has been attributed to the large number of businesses that have closed recently. Ampac believes that any business that does not re-invest in its future now, will be caught at a disadvantage later. Their profit margins will continually be eroded by high utility rates. Businesses and households that act now, will immediately feel the relief.

When is the right time to invest?

Remember back 5 years ago when you thought of investing in solar energy, but put it off until later, when maybe the systems would get cheaper, or the utility rates might go down again.

Well, here we are 5 years later, the systems have gotten a little cheaper, but that reduction in cost is more than offset by the higher cost of living, fuel and utility rates, you now pay.

Just think about this – if you had acted 5 years ago, today you would be free of the chains that burden you. High rates – No end in site – I ask you again – When is the right time?