Ampac's founder and president Fred Prinz, has been committed to building energy efficient structures and providing renewable energy systems since the companies beginnings, back in 1991.

Topochau ArrayUtilities throughout the region have now begun to allow net metering. This development has opened the door for residential and commercial customers to build their own renewable energy systems and tie them directing into the grid. Fred wanted to assist the community and provide relief from high utility rates by building the most powerful and cost effective grid-tie systems available, so he set out to customize equipment, to do just that.

Ampac completed extensive testing of different solar modules and DC to AC inverters to finally come up with the right combination of equipment, that is proving to perform as well, or better, than anything on the market today. Ampac's study revealed that carefully selected silicon wafers and a slightly larger solar panel was necessary to maintain energy output levels under lower light conditions (inclement weather) and extremely high cell temperatures found in the tropics. After communicating these requirements to our panel manufacturer, they were able to provide us with a custom panel, shipped under our own brand name and model number (AMP280-36-P), with an industry standard 25 year limited warranty.

TruckThe right inverter had to be found and tested that would also handle the maximum energy output and high voltage levels produced by our panels, on hot sunny days. The inverter company chosen was Enphase. This company met all the requirements set by Ampac and after rigorous testing of their inverters, found them to be suitable and they are now an intricate part of Ampac's grid-tie renewable energy system.

Enphase is the world's leader in micro inverter technology. A US based company with a reputation of delivering high quality inverters and which offers to all our customers, the Enlighten web based monitoring system. This system provides a simple, user friendly interface to your home, or office PV array. This monitoring system will let you check your array's performance, right down to the individual panel level, from any computer, or smart phone, anywhere in the world. So even if you're traveling, you'll never be further away than logging on to your home, or office system.

The highest priced item in a net metered grid-tie system, are the solar modules themselves. Since Ampac is able to ship them directly from the manufacturer, without any distributors, or dealers in the chain, the lowest possible price is achieved. Also, since each solar module requires an inverter, Ampac is able to purchase these inverters in bulk, without the risk of being overstocked. This translates to a system cost, per watt, that is at the lowest price point in the market today and gives our customers real savings and faster returns on their investment.